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Phuket Bird Park

Located in the centre of Phuket Area, one of the best-known regions of Thailand, this private Bird Park is the only one of this kind in the whole country. Visiting the Phuket Bird Park is a great opportunity to come close to more than hundred different species of birds, protected and preserved inside the 12 acres of the park. A visit can last up to two hours, but you can also choose to attend some special events and educational sessions for kids. In any case, you will love to see the elegant birds fly over your head!


  • More than 100 species of birds are waiting for you in the park: toucans, parrots, ostrich, peacocks and more from Asia, Africa and South America. You will learn a lot about these wonderful animals!
  • The show at the Portuguese House and Amphitheatre will convince also the most skeptical! In fact, during the show, you will admire parrots, owls and other birds perform different tricks and exercises, some of them difficult!
  • Next to the Phuket Bird Park, there’s also a botanical garden which is a natural continuance of the bird area, and in which you can observe particular flowers and plants.
  • The entrance fee of the park is not expensive at all, just 500 baht, and you can visit the park as much as you want, having also the possibility to rest and have a drink in one of the three cafés inside the Phuket Bird Park.
  • Prepare your camera because you will have the possibility to take photos with the splendid parrots or the funny emus! It will be really a joy for kids!

More about Phuket Bird Park

The Phuket Bird Park is one of the newest additions to the many attractions and parks in the whole Thailand. It is quite big actually, it expands along 12 acres and it is a natural oasis for birds from all over the world. The beauty of the park lies also in the structure itself. In fact, at the beginning of the park, on the entrance you will find a path that starts as a kind of adventurous passage through a rope and wood bridge! For sure, children will love it! A part from the wild side of the park, in this area you will discover thousand birds, species from every corner of the world, integrated in a natural frame with typical flora and exotic plants. In the Phuket Bird Park, birds are free to fly and they will entertain you during the shows: parrots are able to do incredible things! So, while you are on holiday in Thailand do not forget to come to Phuket and visit its famous Bird Park!