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Holiday in Pattaya city in Thailand


If you want to dive into fun depths, come & make a visit to this beautiful city located on the eastern gulf coast of Thailand; with the colorful beaches and an amazing nightlife, Pattaya is the perfect place for tourists who want to enjoy modern adventures with the unique culture. Relax with the simple pleasures of the beaches along with the raw beauty of the rainforest canopy and enjoy the amazing Thai foods, what else you need on a perfect holiday. The place backed by the eccentric shopping centers and rousing water parks, becomes a must stop destination in the world. From sports to adventure, Pattaya has the full package for fun on your vacations. You can admire its endless beauty with sounds and sights. It offers you the uniqueness of food and beaches with culture and traditions. With the densely packed nightlife, live music and clubs you can enjoy your life to the fullest!!


  • Once known as the fishing village, now it has emerged with resort hotels, high-rise condos and a large seaside mall. If you are here, don’t miss Jet-skiing and parasailing
  • With attractive beaches and an amazing nightlife, Pattaya is an excellent destination
  • If you are a foodie, then you should definitely schedule a visit to Pattaya, Known as Hub for world’s greatest seafood and mouthwatering dishes
  • You will certainly enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle with inspiring attractions and fun nightlife

Sanctuary of Truth

This ancient structure in the shape of teak acts like a place of appreciation for ideology, art and culture. This building looks magnificent in real life as well as in photos. It has stunning detailed carvings of elephants, creatures and people that preserve the ancient culture and make worthy to visit. Last but not the least; don’t forget to take elephant rides.

Art in Paradise

The most likely destination for art lovers is Art in Paradise gallery. With its fun and active way to appreciate art, it attracts most of the tourists with its optical illusions and 3-D works. One will definitely enjoy its classic pieces of art with the fly out paintings that will blow the mind. Enjoy the realistic paintings and wander freely taking dozen of snaps with ocean safari and dinosaur themes!!

Jomtien Beach

For those who seek a relaxation in a quiet resort, will find this place to be the best where the fields are turned into a thriving beach. It includes some of the largest and striking cultural and religious sites of the whole country. It’s a supreme tourist attraction for the beauty it offers. There is a lot more it offers, don’t miss Jomtien- it’s a lovely beach!!

Walking street

Enjoy nightlife like nowhere else in Thailand. With seafood restaurants, live music venues, sports-bars and nightclubs, you will find most of the tourists centered in Walking Street. This visiting site is so densely packed that you can spend every night exploring new places. All party animals around the world are welcome.