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Holiday in Pathum Thani city in Thailand

Pathum Thani

With the vast number of museums and amusement parks, Pathum-Thani attracts travellers to enjoy its beauty along with entertainment. From fine curved sculptures to mural paintings, it serves as a great package for your amusing holidays. This stunning historic place has a collection of ancient museums and sites that reflect its beauty in the form of structures. Visit the floating market of Pathum-Thani which is the best spot to witness its local culture and handicrafts. Dive in the depths of adventure in amusement parks with different rides which is a great way to spend your day with fun. Get ready to explore Pathum-Thani, a city of adventure.


  • Take a trip around City Pillar Shrine of Pathum-Thani which is made of special wood of Chaiyaphruek tree. Admire this beautiful place which has four handed statue of God Narayana which is considered as a religious spot for travellers.
  • Explore the beauty of the historic temple, Wat Puetudom which is surrounded by green leaves and beautiful flowers. You can feel relaxed in the calm and composed atmosphere of this historic place of worship.
  • If you want to take a look at the musical and dance performances of Thai people, then you should visit The Boat Library which was constructed to preserve the ethnic minority culture. You can take dance classes and learn traditional Thai music.
  • For all nature lovers, spend some time to visit Lotus museum to admire the beauty of varieties of the lotus flower. Don’t miss to take snaps of Lotus flowers in Lotus Garden.
  • For a perfect day trip, visit Wat Phra Dhammakaya the famous Buddhist temple that attracts visitors with a unique approach to Buddhism.

Dream World

The biggest amusement park in Thailand, Dream World facilitates the number of tourists with its spectacular attractions. You will be amused by the amazing rides on Sky coaster and Hurricane with a number of flips and somersaults. Divided into several sections like Dream gardens, fantasy land and adventure island, Dream World provides a great package for your pleasant vacations. For all who love river rafting, hang out with your family and friends at Grand Canyon which is its main attractions.

National Science Museum

Explore the traditional Thai technologies at National Science Museum which is located at Khlong Luang District. With the photo gallery and scientific works and an enormous model of the earth, you can develop the knowledge of science accompanied by well-defined artwork. Discover science in new ways with new technologies only in the National Science Museum. It also offers an area for tiny tots to learn different modules of science like robotics, forces and motion along with the discovery of new technologies. Get ready to adore the different ways to learn science!