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Phuket Orchid Farm

We all love flowers and we even give them to our loved ones just to show how much we love them. If you are an orchid fanatic, do not miss a tour to Orchid Garden Phuket. It is the largest orchid in Phuket and was established in 1975. With more than 1500 different species and hybrids of flowers, rows and rows of orchids are waiting for you to explore. This is one of the greatest attractions in Phuket attracting thousands of tourists every year. Spending time in the view of a comprehensive selection of beautiful flowers will give you an unforgettable holiday experience.


  • Orchid Garden Phuket is opened daily from 9 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Entry charges are 400Baht for adults and 200 Baht for children.
  • All ladies are given an orchid to carry home.
  • You can purchase fertilizer that has been made at the farm by the owner if you are a passionate gardener.
  • The best way to reach Orchid Garden Phuket is to rent a car.

Your Favorite Flowers Are Here!

Meet your favorite types of flowers by visiting Orchid Garden in Phuket. The garden takes pride to be the largest orchid and there are thousands of flower species and hybrids to see here. A visit to the gardens starts with you exploring the different flowers and hybrids at the garden. With the many varieties of orchids present here, it may be hard to know all of them but trust me you will come across your favorite flowers here. There are staff helps who can help you identify some of the flowers and you can ask them as many questions as possible. To those who have interests in gardening, this is a place to learn and get new ideas to improve your gardening back at home. Seek gardening advice from the expert here. Learn as much information about the flowers and the process followed to grow them. You will see that some of the same species have different color patterns. Walk through the shaded area as you take in the beauty of the orchids. Also, explore the hydroponic farm that is very lovely. Apart from viewing the flowers, flowers are also sold here. You can make arrangements with the management to pick your preferred flowers a day prior to your traveling back. They even sell a variety of sterile seedlings put in large or small flasks depending on the number of seedlings you want. After you are done exploring the orchid, sit and enjoy a homemade passion fruit or mango ice cream. Orchid Garden Phuket has a shop where you can buy some beautiful orchid jewelry. They are handcrafted from real orchid flowers and later finished with gold plating. Birds are the other attraction at Orchid Garden Phuket. You will see some birds roaming around while others are caged. Breeding chicken is the other hobby for the owner. The Thai birds are for sale too with a laughing chicken from Indonesia being the most outstanding.


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