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Nai Harn Lake

Nai Harn is famous for its little white beach with a wild and exotic character. However, just a few steps away from the beach, it is possible to find an untouched lake, in which you can plunge and dive surrounded completely by the lively nature. The beauty of this lake is incomparable and you will find yourself amazed by the blue-green colour of the water and the silence and peace that you will find while visiting the Nai Harn Lake. So, forget about the beaches for one day and come to see another side of Thailand!


  • On the lake, you will have the opportunity to try some adventure sport such as water sports or mountain bike riding on the hills that surround the lake.
  • At the north side of the lake, you will find restaurants that will offer you both Thai cuisine and international dishes. A great way to have a rest!
  • If you get tired of the lake – which it will be very hard – you can just walk a few meters and you will enjoy the astonishing white sand beach of Nai Harn.
  • Few steps away from the lake, there’s the Buddhist Sanctuary, which well deserves a visit to discover how much involve are locals with ancient traditions.
  • You can walk even further and easily reach, from Nai Harn Lake, the Windmill Viewpoint, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the whole country!

More about Nai Harn Lake

In the southern part of Phuket, between a beautiful sea and the inland, you will find a secret place, called Nai Harn in which you will find a romantic beach, an almost-forgotten temple and an astonishing lake where you can find peace and beauty. Many places in Thailand have been exploited by mass tourism and losing that magic spirit that fills up everything and everyone in Thailand. Well, in Nai Harn you can still find that perfect and relaxed atmosphere in which you can rejuvenate yourself. Visit the Nai Harn Lake for a picnic or for a refreshing swim. You can also choose to try some sport on the lake or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the lakeside. Well, there’s also a bar and a restaurant to help you out when you are starving! The Nai Harn Lake will offer you everything you need! If you are visiting Phuket region, come down south, and spend a day or two at Nai Harn: you will see the beautiful lake, the white sand beach and you will discover the true side of Thailand.


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