Mai Khao Beach Sunset  Thailand Holiday Mai Khao Beach Sunset poi Thailand Holiday Mai Khao Beach Sunset poi Thailand Holiday Mai Khao Beach Sunset poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Mai Khao Beach Sunset poi in Thailand

Mai Khao Beach Sunset

Mai Khao is a lovely beach in Phuket with really few visitors. That is why it is considered the only untouched beach of the island. If you visit Mai Khao beach just nature and the locals will surround you. Here you will see the most beautiful and magic sunset of your life. In fact, the sunset, and the luxurious nature of course, are the reasons why Mai Khao is so well-known. You will not find restaurants and bars, only nature and peace. For sure one of the most relaxing places in Phuket!


  • Mai Khao beach is next to a National Park, where you can decide to have a picnic with your family or even spend over the weekend. In this way, you will have a full experience of the area.
  • Mai Khao beach is also close to Phuket airport, so walking along the beach, you will find a spot where you can see the planes landing over you! A really exciting experience, especially for kids.
  • Along Mai Khao, it is possible to find also a temple, the Wat Mai Khao, which is not a famous temple, and its architecture is similar to others Thai temples. But, behind the temple, there is a lake where birds, especially herons, come to find a refuge.
  • Another special moment on the beach, a part from the Mai Khao beach sunset, is during the Songkran festival, in which newly born turtles are released into the sea.
  • However, the real attraction of the beach is its sunset: millions of colours plunge into the sea leaving the viewer speechless.

More about Mai Khao beach sunset

For sure, Mai Khao is one of the longest beaches in Phuket, and the fact that for many kilometers it is still untouched gives the idea of a lost paradise on earth. And well, that is absolutely true. A Mai Khao beach sunset will make you cry for its incredible beauty, and the quietness on the beach will relax you as few other places can do. Not many tourists come here, and the few that reach Mai Khao beach can walk for kilometers without meeting anyone, just few anglers. Even if in recent years, in some parts of beach, restaurants and bars started to pop out, Mai Khao beach is still a paradisiac beach. It is a really special place, in which you realize why Thailand is so famous! If you come to visit the beach, do not go away before night: Mai Khao beach sunset is one of the most spectaculars sunsets in the world. You will never forget it!