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Holiday in Mae Hong Son city in Thailand

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son is an idyllic retreat for tourists who long for nature’s calming effects. This effect is best felt by the year-round mist that engulfs the area. Nestled within mountain ranges, it has the maximum number of forests that give you scenic views and adventure sports too. Mae Hong son is Thailand’s north-western province and is completely isolated from the bustle of any city life. Just raw nature with waterfalls, caves, and hot springs are what welcome the weary traveler. Camp in one of the many scenic destinations of the province and feel nature come alive! This is clearly one the hotspots for tourists wanting to be in tune with nature.


  • North-west province of Thailand which borders Burma.
  • Best time to visit Mae Hong Son is between October to February.
  • Pai is the most famous town in the province with backpackers from all over camping here.
  • All year mist that covers the valley is the major attraction.
  • Adventure activities like rafting, trekking, and hiking are famous.

Feel nature come alive

Feel nature come alive Mae Hong Son province is a traveler’s paradise looking for nature to rejuvenate them. This north-western province of Thailand is cozily nestled among mountain ranges, keeping its natural beauty intact. The mist covering the area all the year-round is one of the best views you can see. Catch a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then head on to Mae Hong Son. The views all throughout this route are just breathtaking. You will find Burmese style temples and houses here due to the border with Burma. This adds to the uniqueness of this place and its natural beauty. The ‘City of Three Mists’ is a wonderful place to relax and take in the wonders of nature. Then head on to Pai, which could be your best holiday destination ever. This idyllic spot is where you can camp out or stay in luxurious hotels that offer you views to the mountain ranges. Pai is the place to do nothing but chill. Though, adventure sports are the most common activities that holiday-goers love. From river rafting and bamboo rafting to trekking and hiking, there is an outdoor sport for all. Another cool hotspot for you would be to check out a UNESCO World Heritage Site while camping and indulging in rafting. Embark on a spiritual journey by visiting the many temples along the way or immerse yourself in a natural hot bath at the hot springs! Carry a part of Mae Hong Son with you in terms of souvenirs from the local handicraft shops. Many festivals during the month of November will keep you excited and awestruck. Mae Hong Son brings out the inner child in you and takes you closer to nature as no other place can!