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Holiday in Loei city in Thailand


The Loei Province is a beautiful oriental destination to be highlighted on your pocket atlas on your next trip. The province boasts a number of mountain ranges, and is the only part in Thailand where temperatures can go as low as 0 in the winter season. The mountain tops can be seen from a distance to be covered in fog and mist, an ethereal sight to behold. Transport and travel through is easy, and there are quite a few attractions to pay a visit to. The province never fails to appease your appetite for aestheticism and beauty.


  • Loei is a province that is known for its mountains and parks, with temperatures going as low as 0 degrees and is called the coldest place in Siam for that reason.
  • Loei also offers a selection of parks you can choose to visit, offering beautiful flora and horticulture.
  • The province is a fertile basin surrounded by mountain ranges, and borders Laos.
  • The Loei province is also one of the most sparsely populated provinces of Thailand, and you will never complain about it being overcrowded.
  • Apart from its beautiful surroundings, Loei also offers visits to places of immense cultural and historical significance, enabling you to understand Thailand better.


Loei is a province where you can find most of Thailand’s highest mountains. The mountains of Loei are covered in fog and snows throughout the year, offering a satiating experience, and scenery that is utterly unique to it. The province is located at the intersection of northern and north eastern cultures, and so it presents to its visitors, a cultural experience as well. Loei is known for the lush green parks located here. There are three parks in total, that are a must see for any tourist who feels the need to be inspired being surrounded by the beautiful flowers and foliage on display here. There is Phu Kra Dueng National Park, Phu Ruea National Park, and Phu Suan Si national park, to feast your eyes upon. You can also visit Loei cultural centre, which is a two-storey building and exhibits Loei’s Culture, Religion and way of life. There are a lot of other worth seeing destinations located in the province, like the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary, Phu Khawaei Ngoen Buddha’s footprint which features a 120 centimetres long and 65 centimetres wide footprint enshrined on a whetstone, and others. The Provincial slogan beautifully sums up what Loei in its entirety has to offer stating “City of the sea of mountains, coldest place in Siam, with beautiful flowers of three seasons.”