Lamphun  Thailand Holiday Lamphun city Thailand Holiday Lamphun city Thailand Holiday Lamphun city Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Lamphun city in Thailand


One of the oldest towns of Thailand, Lamphun is the best place to discover the history of Thailand. This place is amongst the favorite destinations of tourists who come to explore the beauty of Lamphun along with its cultural heritage sights. The city offers a large range of temples along with the intricate art of silk in the streets and markets that serve as an opportunity for travellers to catch the glimpse of Thai life in an authentic way. With beautiful temples and amazing architecture and rich historic buildings, it’s an amazing place to explore. One of the greatest pleasures to visit Lamphun are the number of parks and dense forests that make your stay memorable. So, pack your bags and visit the oldest yet most attractive city in Thailand.


  • Enjoy the Poy Sang Long ceremony with the colourful affair that is worth to watch. This festival starts from March to April in many temples. You will experience the monastery life for a period of time.
  • Watch Koh Luang waterfall in the Mae Ping National Park where the clear water is flowing from the hill cliff to the water pond. Enjoy the weather with the turquoise water that serves as a piece of emerald on the land. Take pictures and capture the beauty of Koh Lung.
  • If you plan a trip to Lamphun, don’t miss to visit Mae Ping National Park which attracts most of the travellers with its sheer cliffs and crystal clear water. You will definitely enjoy the beautiful natural scenery with fertile forests on both sides.
  • Get your camera ready to capture the photos of WatSan Pa Yang Luang which is one of the most beautiful temples of Thailand. Spend some time to take a look at the beautiful carvings of this temple.
  • If you love to explore beautiful architectures then you should surely visit Mahathat Chedi Sri Wiangchai temple. You will definitely fall in love with this beautiful golden colour temple which shine like a sparkling star.

Wat Koh Klang

One of the ancient sites of Lamphun, it embraces the ancient structures of the 9th century. Known as the glory of past temples, this shady place is unique in itself. You can explore its panoramic paintings that were made on the history of Buddhism. You can’t miss out on the amazing artistic features of this white temple.

Wat Phra That Hariphunchai

It’s the ancient Buddhist temple of Lamphun that attracts thousands of visitors with its statues, art and relics with a golden tower that lit up at night. You can discover its numerous structures of different periods with a population of tourists that pray for happiness and healthy living. This is one of the finest and most beautiful temples located at the north of Thailand with the glimpse of detailed and characterized decorations. Visit this beautiful place that will fill your mind and soul with happiness.