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Holiday in Lampang city in Thailand


Lampang, also known as Nakhoun Lampang, gives you the opportunity to look into the real Thailand experience. The people, the culture, and the environment, known amongst some Thais as the last paradise on earth, Lampang is your ticket to viewing the intersection of the ancient and the new, in new light. The different tourist attractions are a homage to Thailand that was, and an ode to what Thailand is becoming. Head on down to Lampang, to enjoy the architecture, the food and the people in an organic, hands-on way. Any trip to Thailand without staying in Lampang would be incomplete.


  • Lampang is accessible by rail and road throughout the year, with a moderate weather and is home to oriental hospitality at its finest.
  • The different temples like the iconic Wat Phra That Lampang are a window to the transcendental and a treat for wandering eyes. The traditional Lanna architecture is to be found in the buildings of these temples. 9 out 31 temples of this kind are found in Lampang alone.
  • There are a number of tourist sites to choose from, with options for English language tours at different times of the day.
  • The National park and the Elephant reserve are the crown jewels of Lampang and can be visited year round.
  • The tours to the mining pit and a visit to the cottage industry gives insight into the lives of the Thai people, and a first-hand experience to reminisce over, once your vacation has ended.

Lampang, the true spirit of Thailand

The Third Largest city of Northern Thailand, Lampang is the gateway to the rest of your Thai tour. Located in the Wang river valley, bordered by the picturesque Khun Tan Range on the west, and the beautiful Phi Pan Nam range on the East, Nakhon Lampang can serve as the vacation central on your next trip to Thailand. The view from the Wang river bridge is breathtakingly beautiful and a must see location, especially when the sun is coming down in hues of red and blue. Lampang is a quiet town, compared to the more touristy cities. A string of hotels and boutique restaurants awaits travels, with gourmet meals. The Outlook of the town is ancient so you can look at the antique buildings with wide-eyed wonder. The Lanna style Buddhist temple Wat Phra That Lampang, is an important tourist attraction, and a place of religious and spiritual significance, its architecture inspiring majesty for all who gaze upon it. You can head down to the Thai elephant conservation centre, where you can see the grand animals native to Thailand being looked after in the best manner possible. Then, there is the Chae Son National Park which houses a natural hot spring and magnanimous waterfalls, for those who want to spend an evening attuned with nature. The Wang Kao Waterfall is also one of the lesser known places that should make every traveller’s list. Lampang, culturally known as the city of horse carriages is filled with sites of cultural and historical significance. It was once the centre of the ceramic industry as well. The climate is moderate throughout the year with pleasant, windswept evenings.