Laem Singh Beach  Thailand Holiday Laem Singh Beach poi Thailand Holiday Laem Singh Beach poi Thailand Holiday Laem Singh Beach poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Laem Singh Beach poi in Thailand

Laem Singh Beach

This little beach, only 150 meters long, is a secret cove just few kilometers away from Patong, on the west coast of Phuket. Here you will find the peace that you deserve during your holidays, away from everything else. Even if it is away from mass tourism, Laem Singh Beach is a much loved spot in the Phuket area and a lot of visitors come here every year to enjoy the beauties of this land… and of course to relax under the palm trees!


  • Peace! When you will visit the little Laem Singh Beach the first thing that will come to your mind will be ‘peace, finally’. And you will never forget it!
  • Try some local tastes. Due to the fact that it is small and difficult to reach, this beach is equipped only with a few restaurants, which offer tourists traditional Thai dishes based on fish.
  • Family friendly… This little beach is also family friendly because in its southern part the sea and the beach are very placid and quiet, making it perfect for children and games.
  • …And adventurers friendly! Well, as almost every beach in Thailand, even in Laem Singh Beach you can enjoy some activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!
  • While enjoying the peace and the quietness of this beach do not forget to try also a Thai massage under the palm trees: it will be a really extraordinary experience.

More about Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach was closed to the public for a while, but now it is back in its entire splendor! Just take your car or bike and drive for 20 minutes from Patong. Alternatively, take a ride on the boat from Surin Beach and enjoy the sea while reaching the beach. Even if it is hard to get here, Laem Singh Beach is very popular and loved by tourists. Also the beach is well maintained and you will find a lot of amenities, such as sun lounges, little restaurants that will offer you traditional Thai food, and, of course, the opportunity to swim among little colourful fishes while exploring the sea bottom with your snorkeling equipment. Laem Singh Beach is really a small beach, just a little more than hundred meters, but it is one of the most enchanted places in the Phuket area. After its success in the last ten years and its sudden closure, now Laem Singh is now ready to welcome again its visitors. Therefore, a stop here during your holidays in Thailand is a must!