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Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach is a hidden little gem located on the southern side of the east coastline of Phuket near Rawai village. The white sandy beach attracts thousands of tourists since it is one of the best beaches that offer the finest spot for swimming. The other best thing about Laem Ka Beach is that it is sheltered with trees that surround it. This offers a cool and shady beach to relax and unwind. Apart from good swimming, Laem Ka Beach has stunning views of the surrounding areas such as Coral Island and Koh Bon. It also offers the ideal spot for family vacation.


  • You may find a sign prohibiting entrance into the area but the gate is normally open during the peak season from November to April.
  • Deck chairs are not set during the low season and the beach gate may be locked.
  • There is a small stretch on the right side of Laem Ka Beach where you can experience rare loneliness at the beach.
  • The beach can be a little hard to get since it's located in a hidden place.
  • There are no restaurants at the beach so it is good if you carry your own food and drinks.

The Hidden Beach!

Laem Ka Beach is hidden beach only known to those who are quite adventurous and curious. If you are looking for a beach different from the others, look no further. For those who love a good swim, this is your ideal place. It's clear and very clean waters offer the best swimming experience. Water splashing and snorkeling are some of the great activities to try here apart from swimming. Laem Ka Beach is the best place to rest and relax. There are a few deck chairs where you can relax and sip cold fresh juice sold by the locals as you take in the beauty of the beach. Ball rackets, toys, and beach equipment are also available. Laem Ka Beach is surrounded with palm trees that provide natural shade. This makes it the best picnic site for the locals. In the middle of the beach are large striking rocks that offer great backgrounds for photos. The rocks are also home to many crab species. Laem Beach is one of the most kid-friendly beaches in Thailand. The beach has fine sand almost free from stones with safe waters and shade. If you forgot your swimsuit or do not have one worry less. There are tents selling whatever you may need to make your vacation at Laem beach the best. Shifting your eyes in front of the beach you will be welcomed by the view of beautiful islands.


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