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Holiday in Ko Yao island in Thailand

Ko Yao

Ko Yao is formed by two small island in a bay, in the Phang Nga region, not so far from Phuket, but far enough to find peace and a luxurious nature, away from the tourists masses. In the Ko Yao islands, you will rediscover a quiet way of life and enjoy a walking on the beach during the sunset. You will discover what is the true essence of Thailand and its welcoming people. Don’t miss the opportunity to find how it feels to be surrounded by nature and traditions, learning how to live a simple life and regenerate yourself!


  • Astonishing beaches. The Ko Yao islands are surrounded by beaches. Every beach opens up on a sea where a part from swimming you can do some more adventurous activities such as snorkeling.
  • Rent a motorbike. Even if you have to drive carefully, in fact, there is only one road on the island; it is the best way to discover the whole island.
  • Trekking in the wild. In the core of the island, you will find a luxurious jungle, where you can follow the paths, admire and discover animals and exotic plants.
  • Relaxing with a cocktail. Even if it is better not to drink outside the resorts, you can still enjoy a beautiful sunset with a fresh fruit cocktail sitting on the beach of your resort.

Ko Yao

The two little islands do not have landmarks or astonishing sightseeing points, but for the entire length of Ko Yao, you will see what is really inside the heart of Thai people and this beautiful land. To reach the island you need to catch a boat from Phuket, and then you can rent a motorbike, walk around, or take a ride on the typical tuk-tuk. Strolling around the island you will discover fishermen villages, among the mangroves; you will find simple and home-made restaurants where you can try the delicious Thai food. Here, you will see how the ‘Sea Gypsies’, the original inhabitants of the islands, still live and preserve their culture. In fact, the islands are still rooted in and proud of their origins, and the last fifty years have seen little changes in the lifestyle of Ko Yao. A part from some shops, resorts and facilities, there is still wooden villages, immaculate beaches, rice fields and mangroves on the sea. The distance between the two twin islands is just 8 kilometers, and there is a boat transfer that can take you from one island to the other. In both islands, anyway, you will find peaceful beaches, luxurious nature and the possibility to admire the life under the sea. Everything on the island is eco-friendly, and very respectful of traditions. So visiting Ko Yao can be a plunge into the past. As in many regions of Thailand, it is better to visit the Ko Yao islands during the winter, from November until April.