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Holiday in Ko Wai island in Thailand

Ko Wai

Ko Wai, located in the gulf of Siam, Thailand, is a uniquely shaped island, but all its novelty does not lie in its shape alone. The island is accessible via a boat ride from the nearby Koh Chang. The island is a mixture of the experience tourists might be looking for when planning the next holidays. If you have relaxation as a priority, Ko Wai, can accommodate you. If you want to explore, Ko Wai will not disappoint, with its hidden coves, and dive points. Ko Wai serves as the ideal locations to forget your worries and relax, regardless of what you need. You will find it all here.


    Ko Wai, one of the best island retreats in Thailand.

    Located in the Ko Chang Archipelago, Trat province, Eastern Thailand, in the gulf of Siam, Ko Wai has a decidedly unique shape. The Island is 3 km long and 1 km wide, at its widest point, but don’t let that get you down, because its shape is what sets it apart from the many tourist destinations in Thailand. This should be kept in mind when planning for your vacations as the Island provides for certain experiences that are specialised to it naturally. The island offers a diverse terrain for visitors and tourists to choose from. In Ko Wai, you will find in the Eastern part of the island, beaches, and coves. The clear waters and white sands beckon all sorts of tourists; those who’d prefer a quite barefoot walk on the beach on a nice and quiet evening to those who are more inclined to more adventurous stuff like diving and snorkelling. The Western part of the island, covered in thick foliage and forests, serves as nesting grounds for many a species of birds and a natural habitat to several kinds of animals. This part of the island offers rugged and hilly trekking for those who want to test out their nerves and endurance. Although difficult to encompass, the Western end offers explorers and travellers the opportunity to see the natural surroundings of the island, in their full glory. It is also worth noting that the island is a part of the Muko Chang National park and a protected area, which goes without saying that the island has so far received minimal damage environmentally.