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Holiday in Ko Tao island in Thailand

Ko Tao

As colourful above as it is below, the humble island of Koh Tao, is the place to mark on the map while you plan for your next vacation. Located in the gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is a quiet town with a population just below two thousand. The island is becoming popular among tourists and travellers from around the world. The beaches especially the turtle beach from which the island derives its name, are havens for marine life and most interestingly the turtles that come there to breed. Another attraction is the Chumphon pinnacle, a diving spot, which promises glimpses of bull sharks and whale sharks, native to the waters.


  • The Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint gives a bird’s eye view of the entirety of the island, and the view from there is mesmerizingly beautiful.
  • King Rama 5, one of the most respected rulers of Thailand visited the island and left behind his monogram on a huge boulder, and Thai people worship it to this day, given the status of the King, as a spiritual personality.
  • Tah Toa, and Yaai Mae rocks are believed to be touched by gods of luck, people worship these two rocks to date. For a spiritual experience, visit the site to enrich your soul.
  • Chumphon Pinnacle is located 11 km south of Koh Tao, the pinnacles starts at 12 metres and goes up to 35 metres deep. The diving experience promises a closer look at the local marine life, which aims to startle. There are numerous species of fishes here, including batfish, Bull sharks, leopard sharks and if you’re lucky, even whale shark. The pinnacle is accessible throughout the year.

Island life

Thousands of visitors come to Ko Tao to snorkel with the predators of the sea in a famous shark bay where divers get to witness the creatures from up-close. Beyond the coast, the island offers a diving experience unlike any other in the world with over two hundred species of fishes and nearly the same number of types of hard coral. Koh Nang Yuan, located just 15 minutes from Koh Tao, also offers diving points for divers and explorers. If you still have some breath of excitement left in you after the various activities, you can always opt to hike to the various viewpoints in Koh Tao, with amazing photo opportunities one of these is the Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint. The island is an undiscovered gem in the Thai peninsula, accessible through ferry rides from Koh Samui, Surat Thani and Chumphon, promising candid vistas of marine life and nature in its full glory. Koh Tao provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the laid back vacation of your dreams underneath the shade of the coconut palms. The hilltop covered in greenery in the background, is a true sight for sore eyes. The weather at Koh Tao is also bearable and very much ideal rather for people who are avid fans of sunbathing, with three hundred days of moderate sun.