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Holiday in Ko Samui island in Thailand

Ko Samui

Ko Samui fits the definition of the ideal island destination of your dreams. Its scenic vistas and clear waters beckon wanderers and tourists from across the globe. Housing a mountain top, covered in foliage, in the middle, Ko Samui, has a lush green outlook. Its white sand beaches provide you with the opportunity to relax and unwind. Being a Cosmopolitan, Ko Samui attracts all sorts of tourists, falling within the range of pockets of all sizes, depending on where you want to stay and what you want to experience, the island opens its arms for all. Only a population of 63000 puts your mind at ease with regards to the place being too crowded; in effect, a breezy town. With a road that stretches around the island called highway 4196, you are sure to experience all its majesty, from all angles.


  • Ang thong Marine Park is cComprised of 42 islands, the Ang thong Marine Park is located just 28 miles from Ko Samui. The islands offer many attractions for visitors; from marvelling at the abundant marine life, to snorkelling and scuba diving. The marine park also boasts coral reefs and mangrove forests, so the vista is never mundane.
  • The secret Buddha garden is located up high on the hills of Koh Samui. Be ready to embark on a journey whereby your soul and body will be tested and sated at the same time. A good way to travel to the attraction is via the various jeep tours that you can easily sign up for once on the island
  • Home to the Statue of Gunyan, the goddess of mercy and compassion, Wat Plaei Laem is not very far from the Big Buddha temple. Its relatively new architecture brings to mind the beautiful intersection of the myths and legends of old and the innovation of the new

Ko Samui Vacation

Ko Samui has multitudes to offer when it comes to sight-seeing, and you will leave the place enriched, mind, body and soul. Nearby you find the Ang Thong Marine Park, where you have snorkelling options. At the turtle island, Ko Tao is truly a haven for divers and swimmers, boasting colourful coral reefs. For those who thirst for spiritual fulfilment, there are temples all around the island like the Big Buddha Temple, and the Wat Plaei Laem nearby. The rock formations at Lamai beach, Hin Ta and Hin Yai imitate the male and female genetalia respectively and are called grandma and grandpa rocks; a true wonder. The secret Buddha garden in the depths of the forests around Samui Mountains, invite you to marvel at mixture of Thai spiritualism and nature. The weather is pleasant all around the year, not too hot or too cold or rainy, and is classified as tropical savannah weather. Ko Samuiā€™s nightlife is vibrant and ecstatic. There are many festivals to attend that take place all around the year. The famous events include marathons and running festivals as well as food festivals.