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Holiday in Ko Samet island in Thailand

Ko Samet

Ko Samet is not one of the most known travel destinations in Thailand but for sure, it is one of the most charming islands with a unique climate, which makes it perfect to visit it all year round. Moreover, its stunning beach, the luxuriant nature and welcoming people create a magic atmosphere in the island. This atmosphere will dominate your vacation, whether you choose to relax on the beach or to walk around discovering the island and its adventures. It is very easy to reach this destination thanks to its proximity to the capital, Bangkok and to the main coast of course.


  • The Golden statue. Reaching the Samet dock you will find a modern and immense golden statue rising from the sea, which observe the placid life of the island.
  • Snorkeling. Well, if you have reached the Ko Samet archipelago you need to experience the full life of the islands. And the best way is to do a trip on a boat and plunge into the sea to admire the reef and its corals.
  • Ao Prao. The pearl of the island, Ao Prao is a little bay in the western side of the island where it is possible to find rest, traditional restaurants, which offer fish and others delicacies. Here, you will see one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world.
  • Koh Man Nai Island. A little island of the Ko Samet Archipelago where you can find a fostering turtles structure.

Ko Samet

In the past, Ko Samet was an island used for one-day trips, for a relaxing day outside the city, especially for locals. Nowadays, it has expanded the island hospitality structures and Ko Samet has become a destination for a complete holiday. When you take the boat from the Ban Phe port, you will be taken to the main dock of the island, Nadan, next to Sai Kaew beach, or directly to the beach of your hotel. Then, you can decide which part of the island you want to visit: you can choose a young and fresh type of holiday, in the area of Ao Phai and Ao Tab Thim, where it is possible to find clubs and bars, or you can choose pure areas, where traditions and peace reign. Whatever you choose, you will feel welcomed and you will discover a precious island in Thailand. In this little gem you will have the possibility to rent a scooter and travel around, or ride on a songtaew, a little pick-up, and stroll around the island discovering the different aspects of Ko Samet. For its location, Ko Samet guarantees a good weather for most of the year, even if the best time to visit is from November to February.