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Holiday in Ko Phayam island in Thailand

Ko Phayam

Ko Phayam lies in the Andaman Sea nearer to the border of Myanmar, and is one of the lesser known islands in Thailand. The island is known for its reclusive feel, and for being serendipitous really for those, who have travelled far and wide, and now, want to relax and rest. Notwithstanding, the various opportunities the island has to offer if you have the opposite in mind. You can visit the long, beautiful white sand beaches, and marvel as the sun sets amidst the waves. You can go for a swim, or a snorkelling experience. The Island awaits you with open arms.


  • A relaxing experience and highly recommended if you are tired of beaches and islands teaming with nosy tourists and selfie-savants.
  • Ao ko kwai offers a calmer experience as a beach, to relax and unwind.
  • Ao Yai beach, offers recreational facilities like surfing, yoga, and snorkelling.
  • Kayaking, surfing or snorkelling, this island has much to offer. Or you can chose to read your favourite book, while relaxing on a hammock.
  • This undiscovered and secluded island with only a population of 500 people is the ideal getaway paradise, a true cure for wanderlust.

Ko Phayam

The second largest island in the Andaman Sea, has much to offer. One of the lesser known islands in Thailand, Koh Phayam is perfect for you. Tired of the monotony of day to day life? Tired of lining up in order to enjoy your holidays to the fullest? Visit Ko Phyam and indulge in the serenity that it has to offer. The Island is not very widely populated, which is a good thing. You can have some privacy here while sunbathing or enjoying a picnic with your family, unlike the crowded, and polluted famous beaches, Koh Phayam is really a find.

Ao Yai

Ao Yai, the longest beach on Ko Phayam and the waves here are perfect for surfing. Fancy a walk on the beach? You can do that, while being at one with the sounds of the sea, and a careless smile on your face. Disturbances are minimal.

Ao Kao Kwai

Ao Kao Kwai, the other beach on the island, is quieter, and ideal if you just want to set up a hammock, and listen to the waves caress the beach, unwind and relax. You can also go for a swim here, owing to the calmer waters here. A mangrove forest lines a river running into the island, a sight that is guaranteed to please the senses. The island hosts a number of learning opportunities as well, for all the people out there who want to learn Yoga, or surfing. There is also an opportunity for kayaking here in Ko Phayam, if you want to have a little fun adventure. The essence of the place is it’s quite, the fact that it has only a population of some 600 people, and its deserted island feel.