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Holiday in Ko Phai island in Thailand

Ko Phai

Commonly known as the Bamboo Island, Ko Phai is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. Located about 20km from Pattaya city, the Island attracts visitors from all over the world. The Rocky Mountains, white sand beaches, a group of islands and nature spots makes Ko Phai the perfect getaway for your vacation. This deserted island with no permanent structures provides you with peace and solace away from the towns bustle and dazzle. Being protected and under regular observation, natural beauty in its pristine state is what you will get here. With its glamorous coral reefs, passionate scuba divers are attracted to this great site.


  • The best way to reach Ko Phai is by hiring a speedboat from Bari Hai Pier. It takes about two hours from Pattaya.
  • Ko Phai can be visited any time of the day. An overnight stay is what is not allowed.
  • Since there are no permanent facilities at Ko Phai, it is advisable to carry your food and water if you will need them. You won't get a place to buy any.
  • Ko Phai's weather is generally hot all year round. The busiest months are from November to February.
  • For those who don't like crowded beaches, the low season is between June and October. You also get lower hotel rates during this period.

Place for Paradise Beaches and a Heaven for Scuba Diving

Apart from relaxing from the serene beaches, there are plenty of things to do and experience in Ko Phai. The Rocky Mountains are perfect places for hikers. Scuba divers get more fun here as they dive deeper and deeper to view the coral reefs. Water sport activities, snorkeling, sea kayaking, jet skis, and deep sea fishing are some of the activities you can enjoy here. With shallow crystal clear waters, swimming in this island is such a much fun activity to engage in in a hot afternoon. Whether you visit Ko Phai solo, with a group or a couple, the experience is spectacular. Unlike other Islands that have lost their beauty due to encroachment of hotels and bungalows, Ko Phai has no permanent facilities. The islands beauty is as natural as it is since is protected by the Royal Thai Navy. In order to maintain its natural state, visitors are not usually allowed to spend their night here. Sunbathing at this pristine beach is the perfect therapy to all your stresses. Your trip to Ko Phai is not over yet if you have not explored Pattaya city. Here you will have an opportunity to go shopping, night market and have a taste of the mouthwatering Thai cuisine.