Ko Lan  Thailand Holiday Ko Lan island Thailand Holiday Ko Lan island Thailand Holiday Ko Lan island Thailand Holiday Ko Lan island Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Ko Lan island in Thailand

Ko Lan

The largest island in the south of Pattaya, Ko Lan is surrounded by Bay of Bangkok in its south and Gulf of Saim in its east. Covered by tropical forests and hills, Ko Lan attracts thousands of people all over the globe to admire its beauty. Surrounded by eight beaches on the south, Ko Lan provides the best places for food and accommodation for tourists. Grouped with luxurious resorts to great hotels, it gives you with the full package for your fun holidays. You can make yourself relaxed on beaches of white sand filled with crystal clear water and enjoy all water sports activities.


  • You can enjoy the range of activities like Parasailing, Jet Ski or underwater walking. Just rent a motorbike and explore the beauty of Ko Lan.
  • Experience the fun along with the workout in Ko Lan. It is the great place covered with hills suitable for biking.
  • Probably the second largest beach in the island, Samae beach is filled with clear waters with the soft white sand which is best to relax your body and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Experience swimming in the tropical waters with its perfect temperature and hang out on the beach which is a great way to spend your vacations.
  • If you are an adventurous person and forgot to bring your masks and snorkel equipment. Don’t worry, you can rent them from the beach side and enjoy your activities with the coral reefs.

Tawaen Beach

With the range of several beaches of Ko Lan, Tawaen Beach is the most peaceful and stunning beach of Ko Lan. With the shallow or clear water, you can enjoy yourself laying beneath the clear sky on your long deck chairs arranged in a row. Having soft golden sand and beautiful marine life, this beach is very popular among the visitors. With the clean shallow water, this beach provides rooms to children for paddling. Visit this beautiful beach and chill out at the shore!

Samae Beach

With the clear water, sandy beach and cold breezes, Samae beach is the perfect choice to spent your whole day with family. You can enjoy Thai Food resting on your deck chairs admiring the beauty of Samae beach. If you are a water sports lover then it’s a perfect place to add fun to your water adventures. It offers a great package of fun activities like Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Snorkelling and hiking over the wind farm. For shopaholics, it serves as a boon with the series of clothing shops and beachside restaurants. Don’t forget to take snaps with its beautiful sunsets!