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Holiday in Ko Kham island in Thailand

Ko Kham

With its clear sandy beaches surrounded by coconut trees, Ko Kham is one of the beautiful island perfect for your fun holidays. This pretty island is located in Trat Province of Thailand which is covered with black lava rocks and calm sea which is best for your water activities. Discover black sea urchins under the water with their amazing structure and thin black spines. You can snorkel along the big black rocks and explore stunningly colourful fishes in the clear water. Rent a Kayak and take a tour of this extremely beautiful island with pristine white beaches filled with turquoise water. Plan a trip and visit this adventurous island!


  • Enjoy the natural scenery along with water-based activities. Explore the forests and walk through the steep slopes holding the rope all along the way discovering beautiful birds sitting on the branches.
  • With the crystal clear water, take a long walk along the serene beaches filled with blue-green water. Scout out the attractive marine creatures with colourful coral reefs.
  • If you are feeling tired then drive your journey with speedboats and reach the highest point of Ko Kham where you will experience the cold air flowing along the spectacular scenery making you feel fresh. Don’t miss to take photos with this iconic view!
  • Experience the unique insights of Ko Kham, with the round trip on the long-tailed boats. Its picture-perfect landscapes attract thousands of travellers across the globe.
  • Take the route along beaches and enjoy a truly amazing panorama of white powdered beaches, best for your day trip.

Koh Mak Temple

With the pretty view of a colourful dragon, explore different statues in Koh Mak temple. Situated at the top of the hill, this wonderful large temple is the great place to feel relaxed with the positive vibes. This amazing place with the number of compounds has a huge image of Buddha, which is worth to see. If you love to watch the sunrise, then it is the best place to experience the amazing view of the sunrise in the morning. Carry your camera to take snaps with amazing snake styles and Buddha statues build around the waterway. Meditate and Calm your body with this nicely decorated space!

Bridge of Dream

One of the amazingly beautiful bridges, Bridge of Dreams is the perfect place to admire the natural sights. Rest along the stretching sea and enjoy the exotic and colourful view of the sunset. Dream Bridge extending into the clear blue sea is ideal for fishing. Catch the glimpses of beautiful sea creatures and enjoy the chilled atmosphere. It offers the best places of accommodation along with delicious Thai cuisines.