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Holiday in Ko He island in Thailand

Ko He

One of the best islands for sightseeing, Ko He is located within three kilometres at the south-east part of Phuket. From thrilling beaches to stunning coral reefs, Ko He is the beautiful getaway destination for tourists to spend their holidays with fun and amusement. Enjoy a range of adventurous activities with the yummy seafood that is served at several local restaurants. With a wide range of activities from parasailing to scuba diving, it attracts visitors from all over the globe. Dive into the depths of this stunning place and relax in the shades of palm trees on the deck chairs placed on the beautiful white sand.


  • Out for the trip? Experience the taste of yummy Thai foods along with speed boat rides. Enjoy the stunning view of clear water filled with marine creatures and surrounded by lavish green forests.
  • Experience the unlimited fun with the range full of fascinating water sports activities and see the beautiful colourful fishes.
  • One of the prominent tourist attractions, it offers a wide range of resorts that suit your budget. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the beauty of Koh He.
  • Take a break from the hectic lifestyle and admire the stunning beauty of beaches while riding on long-tailed boats.

Long Beach

Filled with the majority of boat trips, Long beach attracts travellers with its impressive marine life and a number of adventurous activities. You can go for parasailing along with the long tail boat ride. Taste the spoon full of delicious Thai food served at restaurants. Walk over the hard rocks and take pleasures of the cold breeze with its peaceful atmosphere. To take the full fun of water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving, visit this place between November to April when the water is filled with low tides and flow along the hard rocks.

Banana Beach