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Holiday in Ko Hai | Koh Ngai island in Thailand

Ko Hai | Koh Ngai

With sandy beaches and luxurious resorts, Ko Ngai is best suited for those who wish to spend their vacations with fun. You can experience snorkelling with the blue turquoise water along with the coral reef that will attract thousands of people all over the world. It’s a paradise for those who love to enjoy water sports activities. Admire the beauty of Ko Ngai Island along with the long tail boats that connect the two ends of the beach. Enjoy the wonderful seafood complimented with beverages or cocktails served at the dining of the restaurants. Explore the island with the great view of beaches.


  • Admire the beautiful scenery of the sunrise with favorable climate at Ko Ngai beach. This is a good way to start your day. Swim at the early hours of the day to feel relaxed.
  • With the blend of natural environment, enjoy different water sports activities at Ko Ngai in the turquoise sea.
  • Take a tour of Ko Ngai Island by renting a Kayak and admire the beautiful beaches with an awesome weather.
  • Ko Ngai is a gorgeous place that offers amazing Thai Cuisine with the beautiful view of nature that will refresh your mind.
  • Enjoy white sand beaches and coral reefs along with the variety of activities which serves as a full package for your fun vacation.

Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Experience the glimpses of the sea along with the rugged hills covered with the rain forests that adds excitement to your vacations. Surrounded by different caves and waterfalls, Mu Ko Lanta has rich species of flora and fauna. Plan your day to dive into the depths of turquoise blue water and explore the sea creatures. Don’t miss to see the beautiful view of the coast through lighthouse at the top!

Hat Chao Mai National Park

With the range of Limestone cliffs at Hat Chao Mai National Park, you can experience the thrill with the visual effect of darkness in the Morakot caves. Feel the freshness of crystal clear water enclosed by cliffs. Enjoy fishing and explore various sea creatures.

Morakot Cave

Morakot Cave is also known as the cliff without the roof. With the marvellous surroundings, this destination is filled with a large number of lush bushes with emerald sea which is best for swimming. To reach the beach full of white sand, you have to swim a little. The beauty of the cave is incredible offering of mind blowing attractions. This place is worth the visit! Go early before it gets too crowded during the day.