Khon Kaen  Thailand Holiday Khon Kaen city Thailand Holiday Khon Kaen city Thailand Holiday Khon Kaen city Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Khon Kaen city in Thailand

Khon Kaen

The popular city of Isan, Khon-kaen shows the unique side of Thailand that will fill your vacations with enjoyment. With the impressive scenery and fascinating nightlife along with unique culture, Khon-kaen invites thousands of people to admire its beauty. You will find awesome lakes, reservoirs for boating and other fun activities. If you are planning a trip with your family then this will be the right choice for you. Enjoy fishing in the south-east of the lake and figure out tremendous figures of animal species in National Parks. Khon-kaen offers a lot to visitors ranging from great Thai food to historical museums that reflect the beauty of prehistoric era and auspicious species of wildlife. It’s a place worth the visit!


  • If you want to discover the thrill with excitement then you should visit King Cobra Village in Khon Kaen where you will find the most deadly snakes. This place is one of the most popular tourist attractions where you can enjoy the snakes’ shows.
  • With the inhabited caves and limestone cliffs, Phu Pha Maan National Park provides special chambers to the number of animals. Explore the natural wildlife filled with the lush bushes and impressive waterfalls and many tower cliffs with ancient paintings. Don’t miss to take snaps with animals.
  • If you love to do waterslides then you should surely visit Dino Water Park, the biggest water park in Thailand. This serves as a great location for those seeking fun at the single place. Huge water attractions will excite most of the tourists to visit this place.
  • Hat Sawan, the heaven beach that fills all your requirements for an enjoyable day out. You can enjoy the meal or just lay back and admire the beauty of the beach.

Khon Kaen City Museum

With its long cultural treasures, Khon Kaen City Museum is a famous museum that has the unique blend of culture. It preserves the greatest sights of cultural heritage. You will definitely enjoy multi ethnics of this site along with the modern arts. This place is also known as the treasure of culture art and is the resource centre of the history of the city. For all who love to explore history and culture, this place is worth the visit.

Bung Kaen Nakorn

This is the largest and most popular lake of Kon-kaen. This place attracts many visitors who are in search of peace and calmness. With its relaxing surroundings and health parks decorated with various sculptures, this place is full of energy. There is a wide range of restaurants that serves tasty food which makes this a perfect place to enjoy with your family or friends. Don’t miss to carry your swim gear as this beautiful lake offers a great swimming opportunity. It is the great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunset and sunrise.