Kathu Waterfall  Thailand Holiday Kathu Waterfall poi Thailand Holiday Kathu Waterfall poi Thailand Holiday Kathu Waterfall poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Kathu Waterfall poi in Thailand

Kathu Waterfall

Thailand is blessed with many waterfalls but Kathu waterfall is uniquely different. Unlike other falls, it is a series of beautiful drop pools with cascading waters down the rocks. It is one of the most visited falls since it is easy to access and located not far from the famous Patong beach. For those who love hiking, climbing up the steps leading to the higher pools is more rewarding and the puddles here are more beautiful. The pools are perfect spots to do a cold swim during the rainy season and a knee-deep to cool your feet during summers.


  • Outside the Kathu Waterfall entrance, is a minimart where you can buy snacks and drinks to carry along.
  • The best time to visit the Kathu Waterfall is between September to November. It is the rainy season and the falls are at their fullest.
  • The path gets rougher at some parts so wearing good shoes will ensure that you have no hard times navigating around.
  • Most of the tourists will hang out at the lowest level of the waterfall which can make it crowded. If you want to beat the crowds, hike up further.
  • Carry water if you are planning to go to the highest level of the fall. Even though there is plenty of shade, you will probably feel thirsty.

The Higher You Go The Better It Becomes

Kathu Waterfall is not a hundred feet of water falling vertically into a big pool. It is simply a beautiful cascade of water down the rocks creating pools at different intervals. The fall is more beautiful during the rainy season and the pools of water get more beautiful as you head uphill. A strong flow of water gushing down the rocks creates a breathtaking sight. The most interesting thing about Kathu waterfall is that most of the trail up the fall comprises of stairs making it easier for you to explore the fall. If you love hiking, don't end your adventure where the stair steps end. Go further uphill through the dirty trail and get to the highest and fourth level of the fall. A cool shade of green canopy up the trails offers you a place to stop and take rest. The first pool of Kathu waterfall is not as big but it's a beautiful place where kids can play. Don't stop right there. Hike up further to get more beautiful and larger pools. There is a waterfall restaurant known as Pai Lin Restaurant where you can have lunch after your fabulous hike. This is a great place to try out the great Thai Cuisine apart from the classic dishes served here.