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Holiday in Kata Beach poi in Thailand

Kata Beach

Kata beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand that many tourists visit every year. Many people go there to enjoy trying new water activities like surfing or diving and snorkelling. The clear water and white sands of the beach also made it a great place for relaxation and mediating. The night life on the other hand is also fun in the night markets where you can go shopping or eating in the street shops and trying the local Thai delicious food. Also, don’t miss the great experience of singing and dancing in the karaoke bazaars.


  • Don’t forget to wear the life jacket while engaging in any sport activity.
  • Did you know that Kata beach also offers diving and surfing courses for anyone interested to learn?
  • Kata beach is considered one of the top 10 visited beaches in Thailand.
  • You can visit kata beach anytime however the best Time to Visit is from December to March.
  • This is when the sky is very clear and the sea is crystal clear with a nice breeze in the air.

More about Kata beach

Kata beach is considered a very special beach in Phuket as it is the second largest beach, 1.5km long, and it is located in the southwest of Phuket. If you are a water sports fan, this place is for you. The beach is known for being one of the best surfing beaches in Thailand, also it is suitable for both beginners and expert surfers. The beach also offers a variety of activities like snorkelling, diving, Banana boat, Jet ski, kayaking and Parasailing. Not only that but also dry land sports like volley ball, yoga or jogging by the beach. It is also perfect for relaxation and enjoying the serenity of the place. After that long day, it will be perfect to try the local restaurants and enjoying the delicious Thai food. Like the Horn Grill Steakhouse that offers special steak swordfish and also Kampong Kata Hill. For the night owls, the nightlife in Kata is so fun you will be able to dance and listen to amazing music and even sing karaoke bars all night long. The whether in Kata is most of the time hot and rainy as it has a tropical monsoonal climate so there is no really a special time to visit it, just go whenever you feel like it! One of the best things there is that it is so safe for solo travellers and young agers, also the locals are so friendly and they love tourists and always welcome them.


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