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Karon Dragon Image

Apart from the white sand that squeaks audibly when you walk along them, Karon beach has a unique attraction the famous dragon statue. Set in the beachfront just at the heart of Karon Beach sits the beautiful golden naga statue. The dragon is a mythical deity that is very important in Thai traditions and mythology. For culture lovers, this is a must-see attraction that symbolizes the characteristics of the beliefs and culture of the local people. The dragon statue is simple to find and it has therefore served as a landmark and the main meeting point for many people in Phuket.


  • Karon Dragon Image is situated along Thalang Road at Karon Beach.
  • The best time to visit is during the evenings so that you can experience the sunsets.
  • To get to Karon Dragon Image you can use a car, bus or a taxi.
  • There is a resort known as Baan Karonburi that is just nearby where you can take lunch or have a drink.
  • Apart from the beach, another nearby attraction is the Wat Suwan Khiriket temple that is just a few kilometers from the Dragon image that is worth a visit.

Perfect Place To Hangout

Karon Dragon Image is a golden statue inform of a big snake at Karon Beach. The tales told about this beautiful statue are many and interesting as well. However, dragons or commonly known as nagas in Thailand are popular symbols of mythology in Thailand which is equated with a Chinese dragon. To begin with, it is believed that Phuket Island was formed by a dragon that emerged from the Andaman Sea. Karon Dragon image symbolizes the dragon that created the island. Dragons symbolize the strength of people to downfall their enemies. They also represent the dangers that the enemies bring to a nation. These are some local believes that culture loving visitors will find interesting. There are four types of dragons. A dark naga, a water serpent, a spirit snake and a guardian naga. For the Karon Dragon statue, it's a guardian type. It is a deity considered to protect the rivers, wells, and springs. They are also believed to give fertility to the land and bring rain. The striking statue is represented as a large snake which is golden. People from all over Thailand come to pray and give offerings to this goddess. If you look carefully at the base of the statue, you will see votive offerings dedicated to the mythical serpent. For sunset lovers, Karon Dragon image provides very beautiful sunsets above the monument. Its golden color combined with the fading golden rays of the sun as it sets over the sea waters is the best sunset you can ever experience.
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