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Karon Beach Roundabout

Situated at the northern end of Karon Beach is a highly noticeable roundabout known as Karon Beach Roundabout. Just standing right at the roundabout, to the north it leads to Paton beach and to the south is the famous Karon Beach. A small town has developed behind the roundabout with a wide selection of restaurants, hotels, and accommodation to stay in. It is a tourist favorite spot for most visitors who are on vacation in Thailand. This is because it is an ideal spot of departure for your excursions in Karon. Many attractions are also at a walking distance from here.


  • Karon Beach Roundabout is located 43km from Phuket international airport.
  • Hotel rooms at Karon Beach Roundabout are spacious, air-conditioned and with free Wi-Fi.
  • The best way to get to Karon Beach Roundabout is by a taxi or a car.
  • Karon Temple market opens every Tuesday and Fridays.
  • There are tourist’s facilities such as banks, tourist clinics and ATMs at Karon Beach Roundabout.

Ideal Accommodation!

When planning for your vacations in Thailand, choosing where you stay can make your holiday good or bad. Staying in a central place like Karon Beach roundabout will make your trip unforgettable since you will only be a few kilometers from the main attractions. Lining up along Karon Beach Roundabout are many restaurants offering a wide range of accommodation and dining. The hotels have hospitable staffs who speak in fluent English and Thai languages. If you are a budget traveler, there are plenty of budget guesthouses here and even rooms for hire. This is an ideal place for every kind of traveler. There are family friendly hotels and even luxury five-star hotels. Apart from accommodation and dining, nightlife entertainment is at its best at Karon Beach Roundabout. There are several pubs and bars offering bottled beer and international beer. There is also live music to entertain you as you enjoy your drinks. Restaurants here serve fresh Thai cuisine, seafood, and international dishes. Sample the dishes in the different restaurants available here. The best thing about Karon Beach Roundabout is the many nearby attractions. Karon Beach is the prime attraction that is only two minutes’ walk from here. The beach has white sand that is great for relaxing after swimming in the crystal blue waters. Just at the heart of Karon beach is the Karon Dragon Image a monument of a large golden serpent. Other attractions include temples such as the Karon Temple. It is a beautiful piece of architecture that is worth visiting. The temple grounds hosts the Karon Market two days a week. The Karon Night market is a great place to shop for souvenirs, handbags, t-shirts, and artwork. Since a market in Thailand is incomplete without a food court, there are street foods here serving Thai cuisine with a variety of fresh seafood.


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