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Holiday in Kanchanaburi city in Thailand


Kanchanaburi city is located about 125km from Bangkok on the west. The town dated back in the 18th century and had been built as an outpost to defend themselves against possible attacks from their rivals the Burmese. This small town with a dark history attracts a fair number of tourists from all over the world. The city lies at the intersection of River Kwai Noi, and River Kwai Yai. Kanchanaburi is rich in museums, memorial parks, and war cemeteries all which pay tribute to the cities black past.


  • Kanchanaburi can be visited any time of the year but the best favorable time is from November to February. The temperatures are friendly, and slightly more relaxed than the rest of the year.
  • You don't have to save until forever to visit Kanchanaburi. The city has comfortable and clean hotels for the budget travelers
  • Kanchanaburi has a gemstone mining industry, and you will be lucky to purchase a blue sapphire while shopping along the stalls nearby.
  • Night market and the food market is a must try. It is located either at the train or bus station. Have a taste of Thailand's delicious cuisine
  • The best time to visit the waterfalls in Kanchanaburi is between June and November. Heavy rains pour during this season, and water levels are usually pretty high.

The Death Railway

It is the most famous site in Kanchanaburi. You don't want to miss to see and hear the sad story of the construction of the Burma-Thailand railway. It was a Japanese project that intended to connect Thailand and Burma so that they could have easier support for their forces during the war. The sad part is that they used forced laborers and the Allied Prisoners of Wars to construct the railway line and a bridge over River Kwai. This project led to the loss of over 100 000 lives thus known as the death railway. Diseases, starvation, and accidents were some of the cause of death. In 1957, a film by the name The Bridge on River Kwai was released based on real events that happened during the construction of the railway. The dreadful story became famous, and numerous visitors started flooding in Kanchanaburi. The events that happened during this construction have been portrayed and documented in other films such as Return From River Kwai (1989), and The Railway Man (2013). Kanchanaburi hosts two museums, Allied War Cemetery, and a memorial to honor and remember the dead. Apart from the famous Bridge over River Kwai, The Death Railway, and The Allied Cemetery, the city has plenty of things to do. Kanchanaburi is a hotspot for nature lovers. Well equipped with rugged mountains and a dense network of rivers makes it a perfect place for hiking and water sports activities. Kanchanaburi has seven national parks all which are tempting to visit. One of the most known is the Erawan National Park. It hosts the seven-stairs Erawan Waterfall the most beautiful waterfall in the country. This is a picturesque site a series of beautiful cascades and an evergreen forest Kanchanaburi spoils you with a list of fun activities to choose from. You can enjoy bamboo rafting along the River Kwai, go for waterfall hiking, and explore the caves. Get a chance to go through the death railway as you enjoy the serene environment of the area. River cruises, kayaking, canoeing, and boat riding are exciting activities to make your holiday memorable. If you love elephants too, you will get a chance to interact with them.