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Holiday in James Bond island in Thailand

James Bond

James Bond Island is one of the most visited and most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. This is a must-see site as millions of people visit the island every year to see the popular place where the famous movie ‘The man with a golden gun' by James Bond was filmed. It is an exotic destination with spectacular scenery and photo backdrops to die for. James Bond Island is one of the most wonderful landscapes in the world and a place to experience Thailand's finest nature. The beautiful island has stunning rocky cliffs and interconnected majestic caves that are breathtaking.


  • Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera to capture the spectacular scenery.
  • The iconic island may get crowded during the high season. For uninterrupted views and photos, visit during the low season or very early in the morning.
  • James Bond by long-tail boat brings you much closer to the sea waters and gives you the freedom to take in all the beauty of the island.
  • The Island falls under national park protection.

A Spectacular Place For a perfect Vacation

James Bond Island is located in Phang Nga National Park and it is a famous landmark in the park. Any vacation in Thailand will be incomplete without visiting this famous destination. Before the shooting of the James bond movie which made the island famous worldwide, the Island name was Koh Tapa meaning the nail island. The name is derived from the shape of a nail which the island resembles. It is big on the uppermost side and pretty slim at the bottom. The entire area surrounding the island is very scenic and spectacular. The island has several sheer limestone cliffs that emerge from the green waters of the sea and rise vertically. James bond by longtail boat is the best way to explore and take in all the beauty of the Island. This is a traditional Thailand boat that has a sunroof to provide shade from the sun. Close to the James bond Island is the magical nature wonder Koh Ping Ghan. This is a very tall slanting rock with some small caves inside. It's amazing exploring the caves. Once you take in all you can get from this scenic island, you will head for lunch at a nearby floating village in a small island known as Koh Panyi. The floating village has a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops all with beautiful sea views. It is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood and Thailand dishes.