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Holiday in Hat Yai city in Thailand

Hat Yai

Lying at the distant southern end of Thailand, Hat Yai city offers eccentric vacation experience. The enormous reclining Buddha, Khlong Hae Floating market and the Undulating evergreen Hat Yai Park are just a few of the distinctive natural features at this borderline city. With the welcoming locals who will locally usher you into the city in readiness to serve you the traditional Thai cuisine while dressed in Thai costume, your holiday experience will always be unreputable.


  • Bangkok - Singapore Railroads junction is the main factor to its fast growth even larger than the provincial capital city.
  • Visit the Pirates Park of Hat Yai and give your kids a lifetime experience.
  • Have you run out funds? Bargain the price at Greenway Night Market and get the item.

Shopping at the Khlong Hae Floating Market

A stay in the city requires a unique experience. Who would imagine shopping at the floating markets Thailand is famous for? Using few coins from the city’s business district on a tuk-tuk will take you to the Klong Hae Floating Market. Be ready to be served fresh Thai Dishes prepared on point with great care. The service is both customary and professional. The locals here serve people their orders using single hand baskets which are in return filled with money as the payment mode. Is this not a great experience?

Scenic view from Hat Yai Park

Hat Yai Municipal Park is just all-in park. With lakes and dwindling hills, a stay at the city is exemplary. Visiting the park alone to view the gigantic Buddha statue may not be exploitive as there are still cable cars to ride or even deciding on park walk. Sometimes you may become tired and you just need a chilling stay at the park; trees here will get you sorted. Do you think you can walk to the top to view the Buddhas at its residence? If not then all sorts of motorbikes are here to take up through the winding trails.

Wat Hat Yai Enamours Buddha

The 35 meters high reclining Buddha is a must-visit statue while ta Hat Yai city. The Buddha is the third-largest in the world. As it leaves you confused over its height and size, its mischievous grin will make you stare even further. Do not fear to carry a few traditional goods from Hat Yai. The ornaments are sold here at the Buddha’s residence and you are free to carry a few of them home.