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Freedom beach

Freedom Beach is another of the great beaches of Phuket, free from mass tourism, and still untouched from the human hand, preserved by locals and one of the unmissable points of all Phuket -- OF THE WHOLE ISLAND. The granite bay, the palms and the little restaurants on the northern part of the beach lead to Freedom Beach, a peaceful and authentic atmosphere. You will come here to find peace and to restore yourself from the everyday life. Even if it is difficult to reach, you can’t miss a day in Freedom Beach and enjoy the true spirit of Thailand!


  • Snorkeling. As in many parts of Thiland also in Freedom Beach you can plunge into the sea and observe the sea life. Here, the clear water and the shape of the bay allows fish and other sea creatures to live in peace. That is why Freedom Beach is one of the best points to do snorkeling.
  • Refresh yourself with a coconut. On the south part of the beach, you will find some little restaurants where you can buy a refreshing coconut or you can sit to have lunch losing yourself WATCHING the peaceful sea.
  • A relaxing walk. In this quiet and natural place, the best thing to do is to walk on the beach, next to the sea and wait for the sunset which will be one of the best of your life!
  • Beach sports. If you are not interested in sunbathing you can train yourself and have fun with the two little fields available on the beach: soccer and volley!

More about Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is located on the western part of Phuket Island, and it is considered one of the best beaches of the whole country, where you can still have your moment of relax and contemplation. The beach is surrounded by granite rocks and cliffs, and it opens up on a beautiful bay with a lively sea life. As we were saying, you can reach Freedom beach only by boat, starting from Patong Beach, or you can walk down the hills through a wavy and curvy path. Freedom beach is surrounded by private fields, so you will need to pay to pass through the path, it is better to enjoy the view from the sea in the 15 minutes longtail ride. Once you reach Freedom Beach, you will just sit down and admire the breathtaking view in front of you. When you come back to reality, you will notice that there are no Jet-ski or other noises, only peace and contemplation of a lush nature. Sure, it is not completely out of the world, but still, you will enjoy the quiet life of this part of Phuket.


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