Fantasea Show Phuket  Thailand Holiday Fantasea Show Phuket poi Thailand Holiday Fantasea Show Phuket poi Thailand Holiday Fantasea Show Phuket poi Thailand Holiday Fantasea Show Phuket poi Thailand Holiday
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Fantasea Show Phuket

Fantasea cultural theme park presents a totally unique nighttime in Thailand. The park was created as a platform to showcase Thailand's rich culture and exotic heritage. This is a totally unique tour that gives visitors a special chance to indulge themselves in the myths and magic of Thai culture. The beauty of Thailand's culture is well illustrated by this cultural theme park that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It includes magic illusions, animal performance, amazing acrobats, live pyro techniques, cutting-edge technology, stunts, and 4D effects. This is a fun, spectacular family entertainment gala that is fun and full of Thai flair.


  • Fanta sea show starts at 9 pm and the doors are open twenty minutes before to ensure all visitors are sited when it begins.
  • Fanta sea Phuket buffet dinner starts at 6 pm and ends at 8:30 pm.
  • The show takes approximately one hour and twenty minutes.
  • Visitors are advised to be at the theater twenty minutes early before the show commences.
  • If you want to have the best view of the show, there are gold seats available at an extra cost.

Thailand’s Nighttime!

If there is something that Thailand boasts for, it's their rich culture. This is clearly shown by them going to an extent of building a cultural theme park where they proudly display their unique culture. Their love for passion, freedom, compassion, fun, courage and the pride of being Thai is showcased at the award-winning Fanta sea show. This is a must-attend occasion if you are on vacation in Thailand. It is a unique way to create memories for your holiday as you will get a taste of Thailand's culture. Fanta sea show is a 70-minutes show subdivided into 11 categories. It has themes with traits and beliefs that depict the unity, courage, love, and perseverance that shape the rich history and culture in Thailand. The show is performed with a crew of a whole 400 people on stage who come with exotic costumes that highlights their colorful traditions. Imagine that whole lot of people dancing in unison and moving with the same rhythm of Thai traditional songs. Sounds interesting right? This is combined with animal performance comprising of elephants dancing on stage, tigers, pigeons, goats, and chicken. It is truly a bewildering and thrilling show to attend.
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Palace of The Elephants

Taking an approximate of 4 acres, the state of the art houses the Palace of Elephants Theater that comfortably accommodates 3000 seating persons. This makes it the largest arena facility in Asia. The theater is fitted with 4D technology all over to ensure your experience is the best and beyond watching from your seat.

Carnival Village

Since the show is only 70 minutes, the fun does not end with the show. Tour the carnival village a shopping street with fascinating architecture. This is a great place to buy quality jewelry, gifts, handicrafts, and souvenirs to take to your loved ones.

Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

Standing at approximately 1.3 acres of land, this is the largest restaurant in Asia with a capacity of 4000 seats for dinners. It is positioned at the heart of the theme park and serves a grand buffet of international and Thai cuisines. The restaurant is beautiful showing Thai classical art.