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Elephant Trekking Tour

Elephants are Thailand's national animal and a vacation without elephant trekking tours is incomplete. Riding on the world's largest jungle mammal as you explore different sites will give you an unforgettable experience for your holidays. This is also a rare opportunity to interact with the elephants. You will get to learn about what they eat, how they interact with the Thai people and how they live. Elephant trekking tours give you a chance to explore the least visited areas in Phuket. Seated on the back of the elephant's rough skin, you will enjoy paranomic views and the beautiful natural surroundings of Phuket's jungle.


  • Do not wear bright clothes because elephants like dust and mud.
  • Carry fresh water, sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat and insect repellant for your elephant trekking tour.
  • Comfortable clothes with loose fitting such as shorts and light t-shirts will do for easier mounting of the elephant.
  • Elephants are still wild animals even after being trained. Being a little cautious won't hurt.
  • Bring your camera to capture some dying for pictures.

What Are Elephant Trekking Tours Like?

A comfortable passenger seat is hatched on the back of the elephant where you will seat comfortably. An experienced and trained tour guide will take you through the paths of the dense tropical forests. The elephants are trained too and you will follow the paths and trails as you enjoy the breathtaking views. Along the way, you will stop for photographs at the most scenic places. Beautiful waterfalls, sea views, islands, and local wildlife are some of the attractions to see. After the jungle tour, you will see baby elephants in their enclosures. You will get a chance to feed the cute babies and even take pictures with them. Depending on the camp, elephant trekking tours vary in time. Some camps offer a tour of as less as about twenty minutes while others their trekking tours last an hour. Depending on the amount of time, the prices vary too. To make the tour more fun, elephant trekking tours are combined with other fun activities. If you wish, you can have your tour combined with paintball, monkey show or the ATV bikes. You can have a 30 minutes elephant trekking and a 30 minutes ATV ride. It involves riding through dirt roads in the jungle passing through mountain tops and high plains. Some elephant trekking tours entails taking you to the beach and the sea where you can enjoy, an elephant shower and swim in the sea. Elephant trekking tours are also carried out at night. Seeing Phuket's glamorous beauty at night on top of the back of an elephant is a unique experience that will create unforgettable memories.


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