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Holiday in Chiang mai city in Thailand

Chiang mai

Chiang Mai is best fit for seasoned travellers and shoppers. It’s a land delightful for adventurers across the world. The location by the North of Bangkok ensures its uniqueness as a land of misty mountains and colourful hill tribes. Chiang Mai is also crammed with amazing architecture and historic temples. What a beautiful place to explore. Chiang Mai comes with its exciting boasts–from the Night bazaar to the Riversode-Wat Ket; the Nimmanhaemin Road to the Hang Dong; and finally, the Mae Rim-Mae Taeng. All of these heavenly allurements will be peached. Therefore, it is not a question of when to visit Chiang Mai as it holds a pleasant cooler weather throughout the year. It’s not about when to visit Chiang Mai but about when you are ready for the tour. Chiang Mai is naturally set up to excite you.


  • Chiang Mai is hardly extravagant considering the affordability of their assorted meals and the nightlife which is sure to leave a tourist hungover but not broke.
  • Chiang Mai sits in a valley which is surrounded by a river and mountains and with the amazing architecture and historic temples, it is said to support numerous outdoorsy and adventurous excursions. Moreover, chilling out is easiest to do as a result of the laidback vibe which permeates from the quaint cafes and mountains.
  • The weather condition observed in Chiang Mai is less humid, thereby making it significantly cooler. Even when hot, it is quite bearable.

Hang Dong

If you been to Nimmanhaemin Road and never to Hang Dong, then you would definitely miss out on one of Chiang Mai’s long-established craft Centre. Hang Dong has all that it takes to tempt you with all kinds of hand-carved furniture and custom-made crafts. Hang Dong also serves as a source of local style wod crafts and home décor. Mostly, the accommodations in Hang Dong exudes an enthralling, unagigated vibe. So, you can explore Hang Dong with no accommodation worries.

Mae Rim-Mae Taeng

Mae Rim-Mae Taeng is simply an oasis for lovers of nature; a place boasted with groovy mountain ranges, gardens, elephant camps, waterfalls and legion of ethnic hill-tribe villages, offering a captivating range of attractions. The surrounding scenery and resorts have attracted various luxury type in addition with excellent landscape designs and wellness facilities.

Nimmanhaemin Road

Moving from the busiest commercial place to the hippest place of Chiang Mai is Nummanhaemin Road. A place laden with great dinning choices and boutiques. If you have an interest in picking up a unique handicrafts, clothing or accessories, Nummanhaemin Road will get you that. The road leading Huay Kaew has quality cafes, restaurants and cool bars known for their serene and lively atmosphere.

Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar is one of the main place to have a wonderful shopping and nightlife in Chiang Mai. It’s located at the intersection of Chang Khlan and Loi Khroh and that makes it a home to a wide range of accommodation; from the budget guesthouses to the luxury five-star. Moreover, Night Bazaar is sandwiched at the heart of Chiang Mai’s busiest commercial setting.