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Holiday in Chai Nat city in Thailand

Chai Nat

Established during the Ayutthaya period, Chai-nat is an ancient town. A military base was located here where the Burmese armies would be confronted. After several successful confrontations, the city was named Chai-nat meaning a roaring victory. This rich province is rich with many historical places and sites such as monuments and old temples. Other attractions include amusement parks and zoos, museums, Bird Park, dams, and a crocodile farm. You will also see a lot of monkeys near one of the temples. Chai-nat province is divided into eight districts all which have exciting destinations to fill you with memories for your holiday.


  • One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Mueang Thao U Thong Island. Don't miss out to visit here as you watch rare bird species.
  • Buy your handmade gifts At the Baan Oy Community. They have a variety of pocket-friendly souvenirs.
  • At the center of the town is a large market filled with Thailand's aromatic cuisine. Please have a taste.
  • Chai-nut has touristic weather, and one can visit any time of the year.
  • The hotel rooms and bungalows at Chai-nat are modern, clean and very cheap.

A place for an impeccable holiday

Apart from its long history, Chai-nat has plenty of exciting attractions to offer. It is not only a perfect destination for the history lovers but also Buddhist pilgrims. There are many temples and religious sites. Phichainawat Temple is one of the most famous built during the Ayutthaya period. Eco-tourism lovers are also not left out. Chai-nat has vast green rice fields where visitors can enjoy while spotting and identifying unique birds. Here are places you should not miss to visit when at Chai-nat. Chai-nat Bird Park is a must visit for every tourist. Apart from bird watching, the park is equipped with a water park, an aquarium, an egg museum, an aviary, a waterfall, and a large playground. Here, you will see nearly extinct and rare species such as Archerfish, and the Siamese tiger fish. Don't miss to visit the beautiful glass temple known as Wat Tha Sung. With giant golden statues, mirrors and glitter-balls everywhere beautiful is an understatement. Visit Wasan Crocodile farm and get to see crocodiles and other animals including the tigers and rays. Different species of birds are found here too. And to the monkey lovers, Wat Thammikawat temple located near the Noi River is home to many monkeys. Home to thousands of waterfowl is the beautiful Chao Phraya Dam. It's amongst the largest dams in Thailand which help in agriculture and production of hydroelectric power in Chai-Nat province. Learn Chai-Nat's history and archeology at the Chai-Nat Muni National Museum. A unique collection of art craft, Buddha images of different styles, old ornaments, and sculptures are well displayed at the museum. Since Chai-nat is famous for its creative skills, visiting the Lao Wiang cloth weaving center is a great way to end your tour at Chai-nat. Here you will shop for woven clothes and traditional long skirts.