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Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla boxing stadium is one of the best stadiums in Phuket that organises many boxing matches between foreign and Thai champions every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The stadium is known for its unique design that consists of two floors where the first one has 4 bars which are Koala Aussie Bar, Lucky Bar, Casanova’s Bar and B1 Bar where you can enjoy a drink, and the second has the ring where all matches take place! The music and the dances that are performed before the matches will take you to another level of the real spirit of the Thai traditions, songs and rituals.


  • There are also VIP seats available in the first row and cost around 78.59 USD.
  • Another seats cost varies from 53 to 63 USD.
  • The fights usually start at 21:00 until midnight.
  • Do you know that even young fighters who are 12 years old can participate in fights!
  • People usually choose to bet either for the “blue” player who wears blue shorts or the “red” player who wears red shorts.

More about Bangla boxing stadium

Bangla boxing stadium in Phuket organises many matches three times a week on Sundays, Fridays and Wednesdays. Many tourists and locals love to go there during their night outings after dinner to enjoy watching Thai sports and Muay Thai fights. Bangla boxing stadium was originally built on the road of Bangla and then it moved to a new location which is on Sai Kor road however, it kept its original name. You won’t miss this stadium as it is highlighted by large statues that represent Thai boxers. The stadium consists of a two-storey building, a beige stone sculpted floor and four bars with hostesses in the shape of four beers, that are Koala Aussie Bar, Lucky Bar, Casanova’s Bar and B one Bar, where you can have a drink before the match starts, in the first floor. You will find an Amphitheatre surrounding the ring in the second floor where there are many seats that are well organized to make everyone able to see the ring clearly. The best thing about the matches in Bangla boxing stadium is that they are not just shows for Thai fights, but they are real championships that foreigners can also participate in, not only locals! The competitors usually fight for prizes and titles and they aim to improve their ranks on the boxing scene. The magical spirit of the Thai music that fills the air and the ritual traditional dances that are performed before the fights will take you to another level!


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